Carbi becomes Bica

Changing the name of our company was a major decision. We have always been known as Carbi but now our dealers, customers, and partners will have to get used to calling us Bica.

However, Bica was not a name that we would have to spend a long time finding. The name Bica was always been the name of our product series. To us, it was obvious to change our name to Bica.

Kildesortering placeret i en kantine på en arbejdsplads

Same high quality, same design

For the past few years, interest in and demand for our waste sorting solutions have grown and we needed to establish one single identity for our company and brand.

Among other things, the increasing demand results from the public authority stipulation that all private and public entities must sort their waste. In addition, the large interest is also based on the fact that our Bica waste systems are designed as flexible modules that can be linked together as required. And they have a minimalist design that will fit right in with the decor/layout.

So, even if we are changing our name, we will still deliver the same high quality and service.   

How Bica was established

A proper inventor solves a problem for a specific group of people. And Carsten Jansen from the Danish town Herning is one such inventor. In 2008, he founded the company, and in 2014, he developed the Bica Series to meet the need to and the increasing demand for waste sorting into more fractions. Over the years, our range has grown to include many models with different functions. But you can still count on one thing: the starting point is the same. Waste sorting should be easy and the design match the decor/layout.

Why Bica?

Choose Bica for several reasons

Total solution – one provider

We deliver everything you need for a complete waste sorting solution. Direct delivery of flexible waste systems, pictograms, plastic bags, inner bins, accessories and spare parts.

Free advice and consultant visits

Are you unsure how many waste bins you need and where to place them? Then contact us for free advice. And we will be happy to visit your site to identity your needs.

Warehouse in Denmark

We have a broad range of Bica waste bins at our warehouse in Herning. Special orders may be subject to a delivery time of approx. 4-5 weeks. 

Danish design and functionality

We have been designing and developing waste sorting solutions for many years and we know what works and what are in high demand. We develop our products in close cooperation with architects, service staff, and not least the users.

Special designs possible

If you require a unique and specific waste sorting solution, we can help you with that as well. Perhaps, you want a specific hole design or a unique color or your logo on the waste bins. We can that as well.


We have a burning ambition to support the sustainable development in everything we do. We continuously work with various efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Want to learn about solutions that make waste sorting easier?

Contact us and hear more about how we can help your company. We always offer free advice in relation to choosing a waste solution that matches your needs and budget.

Fill in the form and be contacted within 1-2 weekdays.

We also work closely with a number of dealers around Europe. These dealers would be happy to pay you a visit and also sell their products and services at their webshops and physical stores.