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Affaldssortering på psykiatrisk klinik

More than 10 years of know-how in recycling bins for public institutions

At Bica, we have experts capable of offering advice on most issues regarding waste management for public institutions. You can ask us everything from how many waste bins your institution will need to what would be the best possible locations. We know the relevant legislation and we have experience with public tenders.

From boring duty to pure pleasure

Select an industry solution to get waste sorting fulfilling the specific requirements of your users

Why Bica?

5 reasons why facility managers love Bica


Front doors with soft close function

The front doors ensure an ergonomic correct work posture in connection with bin liner replacement. With the fitted soft close, the doors will close slowly and in a sliding motion, preventing fingers from getting caught.

Modular waste systems

The Bica system is a modular system and you can get a waste sorting solution with exactly the numbers of fractions you need. Should your needs change, you can adapt your solution and add more bins by means of our clever magnet system.


Adjustable feet and hidden casters

The Bica system has hidden feet and casters separated from the waste which also ensures a minimalist look. The feet are easily adjusted to ensure correct height, and the casters allow the system to be moved for easy cleaning.

Robust and time-saving bin liner holders

To prevent the bin liners from sliding off, the Bica system uses strong bin liner holders that are easy to handle. This saves both time and effort when bin liners are replaced.


Made from powder painted steel

The Bica system is made from highly durable powder painted steel which ensures the longevity of the solutions. At the same time, this material is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

Which solution should you choose?

65 L or 95 L waste bins? Wall-mounted or stand-alone? How many or how few bins? What should the pictograms say? What is the best location for your bins? Our experts will guide you, from initial request to final solution.

Affaldssortering i kontormiljø

Waste sorting need not be troublesome

Although waste sorting is an easy way to do good by the climate, the mere thought makes many people tired. This is a shame really as a handful of simple means can make it so much easier for your users. We can help you. Among other things, we can deliver pictograms and behavioral guides to make it clear to you users what goes where. And you can use us for sparring on the most efficient bin locations relative to the needs of your users.

From waste to resources

It was important to us to make waste handling as easy as possible for our cleaning staff. And we most certainly did.

Richard, Head of department, (Facility), Mercantec

About us

To us, waste is a resource. How about you?


Waste is a massive problem. But waste also has potential. For example, we can convert plastic bottles to biomaterial. Food scraps to biogas. Old paper to paper pulp in new products. If we want to.

In fact, the majority of waste across the globe could be reused. But this would require us to becoming better at waste sorting. That's why we are here. For more than 10 years, we have been developing simple and flexible waste sorting solutions suitable for offices and school yards.

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