Product warranty

Bica products are manufactured using advanced production techniques, skilled craftsmanship, and steel. There is quality control in the production of all Bica products. Quality control is carried out through comprehensive checkpoints during the creation process and all the way through the packaging process.
Bica does not require any special maintenance, but we refer to our maintenance guides for guidelines regarding cleaning of the products. However, the warranty ceases if the product is used outside the specified areas of use mentioned below.

Areas of use for Bica indoor series

Temperature: 10-50° Celsius
Humidity: 30-70%

Areas of use for Bica outdoor series

Bica outdoor waste bins meet corrosion class C3. This means that the intended areas of use for these products, according to ISO 12944, are urban and industrial areas with moderate sulfur dioxide pollution and coastal areas with low salt content.

Experiencing issues

If you experience any issues with a Bica product during unpacking or setup, please contact Bica or your dealer. The product will then be replaced, or the issues will be addressed. The error is documented in the form of text as well as pictures and/or videos.

Product warranty

Bica provides a 5-year product warranty and a 2-year warranty for moveable spare parts. In addition to this, you can also purchase spare parts such as doors, wheels, and lids if damage occurs, such as vandalism or accidents. The warranty is void due to alterations and/or interventions in the sold product made by a third party or if maintenance and cleaning instructions are not followed. The warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or improper or negligent treatment of the sold product.