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Keep creating good adventures; we will take care of the waste sorting

Leave waste sorting to the experts. You probably have other items on your to do list

Make it easier for your guests to sort their waste and allow them to enjoy what they paid for: a unique adventure. We have an ideal waste sorting solution for your music venue, sports arena, or amusement park, regardless of size or budget. We will guide you, from start to final solution.

Waste management in the foyer of a cultural center

Get the right waste sorting solution that match your budget and decor

Which waste sorting solution will be best suited for you depends on the decor and patterns of behavior of guests and employees. We never recommend a solution to a customer until we have all the answers to the important questions.


How many users will be using the solution?

It is important we know how many guests, employees, etc. will be using the waste solutions as this is very important relative to the recommended number of waste bins.

What is the typical behavior of your users?

In order to recommend the most effective waste bin locations, we need to know where and how your guests and employees move around at your facilities. Do you have 'traffic hubs' where a lot of people gather or do you have areas where not too many people go?

What is the decor of the building?

It is important we get a clear picture of the decor/layout of the building. Do you have a large lobby, or perhaps a café where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat? Or maybe open office spaces with small kitchenettes for your employees?  


Who will be in charge of the solution?

It is our foremost duty to recommend a solution that will save you time and resources. Hence, it is essential that we know who is charge of emptying the waste bins and who takes care of the cleaning. And also how you currently handle waste sorting.

What is your waste sorting budget?

It is paramount to us to offer a solution within your budget framework. Thus, we need you to give us a framework in order for us to recommend the best possible solution within your budget.

Scalable waste sorting

One solution for all your sorting needs. Today and tomorrow


Your waste sorting needs may change over time and perhaps also the needs of your business. Perhaps you need to expand the existing rooms for your guests so a larger waste solution will be required. With a Bica system, you get a flexible solution that can be scaled up or down according to your needs and requirements.

As our waste system is a modular system and bins can easily be added to or removed from your solution, you do not have to worry about new or changing waste sorting requirements in the future. We have the solution.

From waste to resources

We needed a total solution that could function optimally – from a large rock concert to an interior and design fair. It had to be adaptable according to the amount of waste and number of guests.


Businesses and institutions we have already helped with waste sorting

Why Bica?

5 reasons to choose Bica


Front doors with soft close function

The front doors ensure an ergonomic correct work posture in connection with bin liner replacement. With the fitted soft close, the doors will close slowly and in a sliding motion, preventing fingers from getting caught.

Modular waste systems

The Bica system is a modular system and you can get a waste sorting solution with exactly the numbers of fractions you need. Should your needs change, you can adapt your solution and add more bins by means of our clever magnet system.


Adjustable feet and hidden casters

The Bica system has hidden feet and casters separated from the waste which also ensures a minimalist look. The feet are easily adjusted to ensure correct height, and the casters allow the system to be moved for easy cleaning.

Robust and time-saving bin liner holders

To prevent the bin liners from sliding off, the Bica system uses strong bin liner holders that are easy to handle. This saves both time and effort when bin liners are replaced.


Made from powder painted steel

The Bica system is made from highly durable powder painted steel which ensures the longevity of the solutions. At the same time, this material is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.

Make waste sorting a part of the interior design

Waste sorting is cool. So are our solutions - timeless and stylish design.

Typical questions and answers

You should sort your waste for several reasons. With waste sorting, less waste goes to the incineration plant. Also, with waste sorting, we can recycle far more materials and thereby reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the need to manufacture new materials.  

Waste amounts can be reduced in many ways. For example, you can reuse paper to fill up cardboard boxes when shipping goods, you can buy recycled coffee cups instead of disposable cups, buy more used items instead of new items, opt for products with less packaging, compost food waste instead of throwing it away, etc.

The organic waste is recycled to extract biogas, which is used for environmentally friendly electricity, heat or fuel.

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From waste to resources

Choose a waste sorting solution that suits the specific needs of your sector

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