Pictograms and symbols

Pictograms are used in waste sorting as visual symbols that represent different types of waste. By using pictograms, you make it easier for users to sort their waste correctly. Waste sorting symbols are particularly useful in areas with many visitors or international users, as imagery is often more intuitive than language. See selection here.

Achieve correct waste sorting with pictograms and stickers

Make waste sorting easy and intuitive with our selection of pictograms and stickers designed to guide users to proper waste management. Our range of waste sorting labels and stickers are easy to apply to waste bins. Our waste sorting labels are available both as stickers and magnets. The magnetic pictograms allow you to replace or move the symbols around, should the need arise. Our waste sorting pictograms are designed to provide clear and universal communication about how waste should be sorted. These pictograms make it easy for everyone, regardless of language or background, to take part in waste sorting.

Recognizable symbols and colors for waste sorting

The pictograms for waste sorting must contribute to a common and unidirectional insert for more sorting. The types of waste we must sort into are: Food waste, residual waste, plastic, metal, glass, food and beverage cartons, hazardous waste, textile waste, cardboard and paper.

Why use pictograms?

We use pictograms and waste symbols to clarify the division of the different types of waste to minimize incorrect sorting. In this way, awareness of the importance of correct waste sorting is created with these easy-to-understand stickers. We offer waste sorting labels in various sizes and designs to meet your specific needs. Whether for business, the educational institution, the kindergarten or the theatre, we have stickers that fit perfectly with your waste sorting systems.