Waste sorting

Waste isn't just a problem.

It's an opportunity

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From yuk to love it. Waste sorting made easy

Waste sorting is cool. So are our solutions

Is your business ready for waste sorting?

We are ready to advise you all the way. We help to identify your need to offer an effective waste solution that complies with legislation and lasts for many years.

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The private sector

We make stylish waste sorting bins for businesses

Your recycling bins should match your office area as well as your outdoor facilities. Your waste system should not be noticed until you or your employees need to get rid of something. And it should be crystal clear which types of waste go in what bins. If you ask us, waste sorting is a cool and natural element of everyday life.

The public sector

We make waste sor­ting easier in the public room

How many waste bins do you need? What is the optimal waste bin location? How do you get young preschool children and elderly hospitalized people to sort waste efficiently? We know. And we will be happy to help you get the solution best suited for your institution.

Why Bica?

Choose Bica for several reasons


Total solution – one provider

We deliver everything you need for a complete waste sorting solution. Direct delivery of flexible waste systems, pictograms, plastic bags, inner bins, accessories and spare parts.

Free advice and consultant visits

Are you unsure how many waste bins you need and where to place them? Then contact us for free advice. And we will be happy to visit your site to identity your needs.

Warehouse in Denmark

We have a broad range of Bica waste bins at our warehouse in Herning. Special orders may be subject to a delivery time of approx. 5-6 weeks. 

Danish design and functionality

We have been designing and developing waste sorting solutions for many years and we know what works and what are in high demand. We develop our products in close cooperation with architects, service staff, and not least the users.

Special designs possible

If you require a unique and specific waste sorting solution, we can help you with that as well. Perhaps, you want a specific hole design or a unique color or your logo on the waste bins. We can that as well.


We have a burning ambition to support the sustainable development in everything we do. We continuously work with various efforts to reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste sorting is cool. Notwithstanding your industry

Get a waste sorting solution adapted to your industry and the specific needs of your users.

See how we have helped others with waste sorting

About us

To us, waste is a resource. How about you?


Waste is a massive problem. But waste also has potential. For example, we can convert plastic bottles to biomaterial. Food scraps to biogas. Old paper to paper pulp in new products. If we want to.

In fact, the majority of waste across the globe could be reused. But this would require us to becoming better at waste sorting. That's why we are here. For more than 10 years, we have been developing simple and flexible waste and recycling bins suitable for offices and school yards.

Give waste another chance

Affaldspose med madaffald

Or even a new life

Out with the single waste bin and in with recycling bins

From waste bin to waste sorting bin is a dynamic process. What is sorted today will change over time as the possibilities for recycling our waste increase. Modular indoor recycling bins are therefore the right way to go when the single bin is no longer an effective option. Waste sorting is good style. And so are our Bica solutions. Waste sorting bin have been developed in close collaboration with relevant players in the industry such as builders, architects, and cleaning staff. Everything from the placement of hinges, material thickness and the capacity of Bica waste sorting systems has been thought through. This makes it both a pleasure for the architect to furnish with the waste solutions, for the user to throw out the waste and for the cleaning staff to empty the waste bins.

Get started with waste sorting in your company

It requires planning, communication, and the right indoor recycling bins to get off to a good start with waste sorting in the company. It doesn't have to be a sad duty to sort your waste. It should ideally become a natural part of everyday life and the interior design of the office. It requires good organization from the start, for example by appointing a waste expert among the employees and making waste sorting a part of the onboarding of new employees. It requires a focus on the layout and placement of waste bins, so that you achieve efficient sorting with clear markings with pictograms without requiring extra effort from the employees. You must focus on communication and let the management provide the first information at the same time as continuously obtaining data on your waste.

Find your industry and get the right waste sorting bin

There are many factors you must consider before investing in an efficient and functional waste sorting bins. It largely depends on whether it is the public sector or the private sector you work in, e.g. office environment, educational institution, trade fair centre, shopping center or airport. How many employees do you have, what types of waste do you have to sort, who will handle the waste and what is your budget? You can find inspiration in one of our customer cases and read about how we have helped other private and public companies with the right waste sorting indoors and waste sorting outdoors.

Get free advice and find a dealer

For more than 10 years, we have developed stylish and flexible waste sorting bin that fit in the office, the hospital, the theatre, the educational institution and out in the school yard. We want to make sorting waste easier. It should not be difficult and require extra effort. We offer free advice and are happy to come on a consulting visit to identify needs in your company. You are welcome to contact us. If you are interested in our recycling bins, you can locate all our dealers at home and abroad.

All the benefits of Bica recycling bins

Bica is the market's most stylish and flexible waste sorting. Waste sorting must be considered in the design of companies and public institutions. This is done with waste sorting furniture in Danish and stylish design with functional details that make waste sorting easier. The distinct advantages of Bica waste sorting are:

  • Combine the waste modules as needed
  • Equipped with front doors with soft close for easy emptying
  • Minimize odor nuisance with food waste with a lifting lid or foot pedal
  • Stylish and timeless Danish design
  • Manufactured in powder-coated steel for minimal maintenance
  • Equipped with adjustable feet or wheels for easy movement
Bica recycling bins in a pretty room

Want to learn about solutions that make waste sorting easier?

Contact us and hear more about how we can help your company. We always offer free advice in relation to choosing a waste solution that matches your needs and budget.

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We also work closely with a number of dealers around Europe. These dealers would be happy to pay you a visit and also sell their products and services at their webshops and physical stores.