One innovative solution to service 100 businesses

Agro Food Park is an industry specialized business environment with more than 100 businesses within the industrial agriculture and food industry. The Park oozes innovation and is an advantageous environment for developing new ideas.

The idea behind Agro Food Park is to create and support a network that connects competences across the entire agro-industry and food profession for the purpose of supporting the development of the entire profession.

The challenge

New legislation and a requirement for waste sorting matching the surroundings

Agro Food Park approached us regarding a waste sorting solution that would meet the new statutory requirements for waste sorting into ten fractions (from 2023). They also wanted a durable solution that would blend it naturally with the environment. Agro Food Park required a streamlined solution to replace their many standalone waste bins and to service the 100 businesses at the Park.

Esthetics was important to Agro Food Park and they wanted a minimalist solution with waste bins resembling pieces of furniture, not waste bins, for their many common areas.

From waste to resources

Agro Food Park houses more than 100 different businesses. Consequently, we needed a streamlined solution that would blend in naturally across various environments.

Katrine Friis Østergaard, Secretariat Director, Agro Food Park

The solution

Flexible waste solution replaces standalone waste bins at Agro Food Park

Agro Food Park had already had a positive experience with Bica waste solutions in some of their other buildings. So they approached us again. When they came to us, they had already given it some thought and we helped them expand on their ideas. We sparred on a lot of things, e.g., the number of fractions and which bins would best serve their needs.

This lead to a flexible indoor solution which basically consists of Model 950 with four fractions and Model 870 with three fractions and black finish. In addition, the chose to acquire 65 L inner containers and to attach colorful self-adhesive pictograms. The solution was implemented in all walking areas, meeting rooms, and by the coffee islands and it replaced the numerous standalone waste bins which Agro Food Park no longer have.

All bins have integrated pictograms which also was an important part of the solution for Agro Food Park. At the Park, they know that waste sorting into ten fractions requires guidance and nudging in order to get the more than 1,000 employees at the Park to sort correctly.

From waste to resources

With Bica, we opted for a flexible good quality waste sorting solution that will last for many years. In case of new needs or requirements, we can add bins to our current solution. And also, our solution was designed to not require bin liners for dry waste.

Katrine Friis Østergaard, Secretariat Director, Agro Food Park

Waste sorting solutions in a company in Aarhus

Future expectations

One step towards a more sustainable future

It is the ambition of Agro Food Park to constantly become more and more sustainable and, among other things, the Park sees the waste bins from Bica as a small step in the right direction.

So they are happy with their new waste sorting solution which the majority of employees already have embraced. Some adjustments were required following the implementation of the solution and the Park believes they will need to scale their solution further in the future.

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