Mercantec – Midtbyens Gymnasium

Complete solution for all common areas at top modern high school in Denmark

Mercantec is the largest educational institution in the municipality of Viborg offering upper secondary education, vocational training, and more than 1,000 different adult education and continuing education programs.

The high school is a top modern hi-tech high school. It was completed in 2020 and has room for about 1,200 students. The building has turned into a link between the new train town with a train station and the Viborg city center. On top of the impressive building, you will find a roof terrace with a netted playing field. The stylish architecture and the closeness of the urban outdoor environment creates a beautiful gem at the heart of the city.

The challenge

We required a sturdy and flexible waste solution that would blend in with our decor/layout and meet authority requirements.

As the building has many open common spaces and areas intended for group working, a well-conceived complete solution was required, indoors as well as outdoors, to ensure uniform waste handling. The building has minimalist furniture and lighting with a Nordic touch combined with raw concrete walls and wood. To use a waste sorting solution made from materials clashing with the rest of the decor/layout would have been a very lousy design decision.

From waste to resources

As the building has many common areas on several floors, we needed a flexible solution that would blend in naturally with the surroundings.

Richard, Head of Department (Facility), Mercantec

Recycling bins at an educational institution

The solution

The high school opted for a flexible waste solution with bins in the various common areas.

They selected a combination of Model 867 and Model 874 to enable sorting into residual waste, paper, plastics / glass / metal, and food waste in a bin with mechanical lid. They also opted for one deposit solution on each floor to accommodate the request of students for a deposit return solution. The waste systems are fitted with wheels to allow for easy removal for cleaning purposes.

The high school also implemented Model 713 with three fractions in all outdoor areas and close to entrances. Developing a solution to suit all school areas to ensure efficient and uniform sorting for both students, employees, and professors was important to Midtbyens Gymnasium. They also wanted a solution that would guarantee optimal working conditions and uniform handling for the cleaning staff.

From waste to resources

It was important to us to make it as easy as possible for our cleaning staff to handle the waste. And we most certainly did.

Richard, Head of Department (Facility), Mercantec

Recycling bins at an educational institution

Future expectations

Specific sustainability strategy initiative

Mercantec anticipates implementing flexible waste sorting solutions at all the other places of study within the next few years as this is an actual initiative in their sustainability strategy.

One of the most significant sorting challenges is the amount of plastic bin liners. Cleaners transfer the bin liners from the waste bins to another plastic bag on their carts. This is a challenge Mercantec would love to find an efficient solution to as this would allow them to minimize the consumption of bags and prevent plastics from being mixed with paper or metal waste.

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