Outdoor waste sorting

Makes it easy to sort waste in all outdoor areas. Both in parks, in urban spaces, shopping streets and in outdoor areas at the company. With a Bica outdoor recycling bin, the best conditions for sorting are created. The outdoor waste bins are designed in a strong construction with and without an ashtray. See our solutions here.

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Outdoor waste bins for waste sorting

Make outdoor waste sorting a natural part of all outdoor areas with our stylish waste bins designed in solid constructions with functional details. Our outdoor recycling bins make it easy to maintain a clean outdoor area. By sorting waste correctly, we all actively contribute to more recycling and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in incineration.

Outdoor recycling bins for parks, car parks and other outdoor areas

Our assortment of outdoor waste sorting bins are constructed from robust materials such as stainless and galvanized steel that can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions. Whether it's rain, sun or snow, our bins ensure that waste remains safely stored and protected. Our Bica waste bins are optimal in parks, car parks, shopping streets, and other outdoor areas where there are many people who need to sort their waste. Choose the right size outdoor waste bin for your needs. Our assortment includes both compact bins for small outdoor areas to large waste bins suitable for public areas. We have a solution for every need for outdoor waste sorting.

Why outdoor waste sorting?

We sort our waste at home and at work – we also have to do that when we are in public spaces outdoors. In this way, even more waste can be turned into new resources. Make outdoor waste sorting a routine and simple process with clear pictograms on the bins. Easy access and correct separation of waste make it easy for everyone to participate in this important effort to reduce our Co2 footprint.