All the benefits of Bica

The reason why Bica indoor recycling bins are the right choice for the company

Waste sorting for office in connection with kitchen

All the benefits of Bica

Let us make waste sorting easy for you at work

Here, we have collected all the benefits of an indoor Bica waste sorting bin. Our minimalist waste bins are designed and developed specifically for office environments, educational institutions, hospitals, healthcare facilities, airports, and similar environments. Our waste and recycling bins will withstand the hardship of everyday use and blend in naturally with the decor/layout.

From waste to resources

It was crucial for us to involve our hall staff in the choice of waste solution. Here there was no doubt that Bica met all requirements and needs for easy and ergonomic handling.

Henrik Munksgaard, Chief Operation Officer, MCH

Waste sorting made easy

Waste sorting is cool. So are our solutions.

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Danish design with focus on functionality and quality.

Why users love Bica

User-friendly and flexible

Combine according to needs

Connect your Bica waste bins with powerful magnets as required. The advantage of this flexibility is that you can buy more waste bins and/or replace your current bins with others if the needs of your business should change over time. Effortlessly. The appearance of your waste system will still be minimalistic as bases and top rims align.

Different capacities and openings

The amount of waste varies a lot depending on where the waste bins are located. Consequently, Bica waste bins are designed with different capacities and openings. For a canteen environment, a large food waste bin would be a better choice than for an office environment.

Gas spring lid

The lid on the majority of Bica waste sorting systems are gas spring operated to ensure silent and controlled closing. This gives the user a pleasant experience and the situation will not disturb the other colleagues.

Lid for organic waste

Prevent obnoxious smells from your food waste bins by selecting a waste bin with a mechanical lid. This lid could be a manual lid or part of a solution with handsfree operation by means of a foot pedal. In this way, food waste odors will be significantly reduced. 

Why architects love Bica

An integrated piece of furniture

Minimalist and timeless design

Standalone waste bins are becoming obsolete and waste sorting furniture is the future. This makes high demands on the design: they require more space and should blend in naturally with the decor/layout. The smooth surfaces and clean lines of the Bica design make it easier to integrate it into your decor. 


Hidden wheels, feet, and hinges

There are no visible hinges on our bins and the feet and wheels are hidden behind the base. This was a conscious decision to achieve a minimalist waste bin with clean lines throughout. The solid base touches the floor and contributes to concealing dirt and dust. And the fitted wheels make it easy to move the bins for cleaning purposes.

Made from powder painted steel

Our solutions are made from steel with a thickness of only 1.3 mm. The slim steel plates give the waste solution a sharp finish and a lighter expression. The steel used on top and in the base has a thickness of 1.5 mm to ensure superior stability.

No visible bin liners

On the outside of a Bica waste bin, you will never see a bin liner due to the lid on top of the bin. And not being forced to look at crumpled plastic bags adds to the minimalist design.

Design according to your needs

We can customize a waste sorting solution for you that will fulfill your specific sorting requirements. Perhaps you want your logo integrated into the bin or a specific size or a different lid on your waste bins. Most requests are doable.

Why service staff loves Bica

Ergonomics and maintenance


Front doors with soft close

Our waste bins are fitted with front doors to ensure ergonomic correct emptying. This means that instead of having to grab the filled bags from the top with arms stretched out, cleaners can simply open the door and pull the bag out. This ensures an optimal work posture for your cleaning staff. Furthermore, our front doors are equipped with soft close for silent and controlled closing.

Integrated and strong bag holders

In many instances, at full bag will slide off the bag holder which is very annoying. The integrated bag holder inside a Bica waste bin is square to prevent the bag from sliding off. For emptying, simply tilt the bag holder down and lift the bag off.

Inner bins with handles

In many Bica waste bins, it is possible to use various sizes of inner bins. This may be a good idea if the bins are used for sharp objects such as glass or metal or if you want to use the bin for more than one fraction. Inner bins have handles for easy handling during emptying.


High hygiene standards and minimal maintenance

Bica waste bins are made from powder painted steel which is both wear-resistant and highly durable. Steel is incredibly easy to clean with a wrung cloth and requires little maintenance. And due to the fitted wheels, our waste bins can be easily removed for vacuuming or floor-washing purposes.

Popular bins for efficient waste sorting

The products are easy to combine to create one waste system.

Typical questions and answers

Yes. If a gas spring, bag holder, wheel, or similar breaks, you can replace it with a Bica spare part for your waste solution.

Yes. We can customize your waste bins to your requests including adding your company logo.

Our standard Bica waste sorting solution colors are anthracite and black. If you want a different RAL color, it can easily be done. Only an additional price is charged for the solution.

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Jeppe Friis

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From waste to resources

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