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Explore our range of recycling bins in Nordic design, made from powder-coated steel and featuring functional details such as soft-close front doors, hidden wheels, and integrated bag holders. We have created a series of waste sorting solutions that make sorting easier in offices, educational institutions, and outdoor areas. We offer complete solutions for waste sorting, including bags, pictograms, accessories, and spare parts.

Bica Serie S30 | Flexible waste modules

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Bica recycling bins solve waste sorting in the company. 

In a world where sustainability and efficiency must go hand in hand and run parallel in all businesses, it is crucial to choose the right solutions for waste sorting. We offer innovative and practical solutions for waste sorting that meet the needs of users and cleaning staff. Our recycling bins are designed with a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, making them the ideal choice for any modern offices, cultural center, educational institution, or exhibition center. We work across all sectors in both the private and public sectors. Our waste bins help solve the challenge of waste sorting in companies. Read about how we have assisted private and public companies.


The flexible waste bins with minimalistic design fit into the decor.

Waste sorting is cool, and so are our solutions. The single trash bin is out, and the recyclings bins are in. The waste solution should no longer be hidden away. It should be placed visibly where users frequent and can see it. This places high demands on the design. Waste sorting must be part of the interior design in offices, educational institutions, concert halls, or shopping centers. With smooth surfaces and clean lines, they will fit seamlessly into most spaces. Check out our range of indoor recycling bins. 


All the benefits of Bica indoor waste sorting

Let's make it easy for you to sort waste in your company. Bica waste bins are designed to withstand everyday use and blend seamlessly into the decor. Read here about all the benefits of Bica waste sorting.

Why cleaning staff love Bica waste sorting:

  • Soft-close front doors
    The waste bins are equipped with front doors for ergonomic emptying. This prevents the cleaning staff from having to lift the filled bag from the top with outstretched arms, instead simply pulling the bag out through the front door. The front doors also feature soft-close for quiet and smooth closing.
  • Integrated and strong bag holders
    Often, a filled bag will slip off the holder, which is really annoying. The integrated bag holder in a Bica waste bin is square, which prevents the bag from slipping off.
  • High hygiene and minimal maintenance
    Bica recycling bins are made of powder-coated steel, which is not only a durable and long-lasting material but also incredibly easy to clean with a damp cloth and requires little maintenance.

Why employees love Bica waste sorting:

  • Combine waste containers as needed
    Bica waste bins can be connected as needed using strong magnets. The advantage of this flexibility is that the company's needs can change over time, making it easy to add and/or replace waste bins.
  • Different capacities and openings
    The amount of waste varies greatly depending on where the waste bins are placed. Therefore, Bica waste bins come with different capacities and various open and closed openings depending on the lid.
  • Lids with gas spring
    The lids on most Bica recycling bins are equipped with gas dampers for quiet and smooth closing. This provides a pleasant user experience and will not disturb other colleagues.
  • Lids for organic waste
    Avoid odors and fruit flies when sorting food waste by choosing a waste bin with a lid. The lid comes as a lift lid or a hands-free solution operated by a foot pedal. This significantly reduces the smell of food waste.

Why interior designers love Bica waste sorting:

  • Stylish and timeless design
    The single trash bin is on its way out, and the waste sorting unit is moving in. This demands more from the design: it requires more space and must fit naturally into the decor. The smooth surfaces and clean lines of the Bica design make it easier to integrate into the workplace.
  • Made from powder-coated steel
    The solutions are made from steel with a thickness of only 1.3 mm. The thin steel sheet gives the waste solution a sharp finish and a lighter appearance. The steel for the top and base has a thickness of 1.5 mm to provide better stability.
  • Hidden wheels, feet, and hinges
    You won't see any visible hinges, and behind the base, the feet and wheels are hidden. This is intentional to achieve a sleek waste bin with clean lines throughout the design. With the mounted wheels, the bin can be easily moved during cleaning.
  • Design according to your needs
    It is possible to customize a recycling bins that meets your specific sorting needs. Perhaps you want to have a logo integrated, have a specific size requirement, or a different type of lid on the waste bin. 

There are many reasons to choose Bica waste sorting for your company, so we can sort even more waste that can become new resources. By choosing waste sorting from Bica, you are aiming for a more sustainable development in your company. Our recycling bins help reduce waste volumes, promote recycling, and thus minimize environmental impact. At the same time, you have a solution that will last for many years, and when you want to replace the waste solution, all components can be recycled into new steel products.


Bica recycling bins have been developed in close collaboration with relevant market stakeholders

The design and functionality of our waste sorting solutions are based on market demand. The desire was for waste bins made of solid material that would last for many years and feature a timeless design with innovative functions that make handling easy. Bica waste bins have been developed in close collaboration with relevant market stakeholders, including employees, cleaning staff, and interior designers. This ensures that all stakeholders are involved, making the product tailored to their needs. We also continuously collaborate with stakeholders in waste sorting and management to stay updated on industry trends and adapt our products accordingly.


We advise companies and public institutions on the selection of waste sorting solutions

With Bica waste sorting, we create change and make it easier for companies and public institutions to sort waste. It shouldn't be complicated. It should be straightforward and easy for users and cleaning staff. For over 10 years, we have advised companies in the private and public sectors on waste management. We offer free advice and consultation visits. Additionally, we have a large number of skilled partners who distribute our products. Find a dealer near you, or contact us for a complete waste sorting solution.


Elegant outdoor waste sorting makes sorting easier in public spaces

Our elegant outdoor waste sorting is designed with an aesthetically pleasing look, made from solid steel that is resistant to wind and weather. We offer a wide range of outdoor waste systems, making waste sorting even easier in parks, pedestrian streets, and other outdoor areas. Bica recycling bins are available with or without ashtrays and is equipped with strong bag holders that make changing the plastic bag even easier. Our waste sorting comes in various sizes, so we are sure to have an effective solution for your sorting needs.


Total solutions - one provider

We are a total supplier of waste sorting products. At Bica, we offer a flexible solution that takes all needs and wishes into account: recycling bins, waste pictograms, plastic bags, and accessories. This means you only need to shop in one place. We stock a wide range of our products in Denmark. If a part of the waste bins breaks, we also supply spare parts, so you don't need to buy a whole new waste bin. Our waste sorting is flexible and modular, so if the need for one or two more fractions arises, you can connect them with strong magnets. This gives you a solution that meets the waste sorting needs of the future. Read more about us here.