Outdoor ashtrays placed in the right places give smokers the opportunity to dispose of the cigarette rather than throwing it into the nature. Set up a practical and discreet wall mounted ashtray exactly in the places where smokers would like to have a cigarette. See selection here.

Large selection of outdoor ashtrays

Our outdoor ashtrays are constructed with a robust design that is fireproof and ensures a long life. These ashtrays are created for outdoor environments where durability is essential to their function. Our range includes both free-standing and wall mounted ashtrays. Our outdoor ashtrays help reduce cigarette butts in nature and maintain cleanliness in outdoor areas. The easy access to the ashtray encourages responsible disposal of cigarette butts.

Outdoor ashtray for a cleaner outdoor environment

Make your outdoor areas cleaner and more user-friendly for smokers with an ashtray designed for outdoor use. Whether for commercial areas or public places, our ashtrays provide an elegant and practical solution for smokers, so they have a place to stash their cigarettes and not throw them into the wild. In this way, a cleaner outdoor environment is maintained.

Stylish wall mounted ashtray for entrance areas

Choose our discreet wall mounted ashtrays to utilize the space in outdoor areas. These practical ashtrays are ideal for places with limited space while adding a stylish look. Our durable and stylish wall mounted ashtray meets both practical and aesthetic needs.