Indoor waste sorting

Optimize our business with an effective solution for indoor waste sorting. With a Bica recycling bins, waste sorting becomes easier in the office, educational institution, school, airport and at the theatre. Our waste sorting bin indoors are stylish, so they can easily fit into the interior and can be combined as needed, so you have a solution for many years to come.

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Indoor waste sorting for businesses and public institutions

When it comes to indoor waste sorting, having the right waste bins is essential to make the process simple and easy to handle. Our Bica recycling bins are created in close cooperation with relevant players in the industry to meet the needs within indoor waste sorting. For more than 10 years, we have supplied efficient waste sorting bins to the private and public sector.

Waste sorting system for the office

Our assortment of indoor recycling bins combine functionality with stylish design. If you are looking for a flexible solution for the office in the company, we offer waste bins that fit into any decor and make waste sorting indoors a natural part of the employees' daily routine. By implementing an effective waste sorting solution, you can actively contribute to recycling and reducing waste volumes.

Flexible Bica waste bins for all needs

Our waste bins for sorting waste indoors have been developed for easy handling and flexible use. Waste sorting bins and waste bins are available in different capacities and with different details such as a waste bin with a lid and a foot pedal, suitable for any room and any amount of waste. Our Bica waste bins are flexible and can be combined as needed, so you can have the solution for many years to come. We also offer wall-mounted waste sorting, which is smart in, for example, schools where there are cleaning staff daily who have to sweep and wash the floor.