MCH - Messecenter Herning

Many guests and large amounts of waste require new thinking and innovative solutions

MCH is one of Scandinavia's largest experience centers and has one million visitors a year. MCH has several locations for small and large events: MCH Messecenter Herning, MCH Herning Kongrescenter, MCH Arena and Jyske Bank Boxen.

They run up to 350 events a year with guests from all over the world, and it requires flexible and user-friendly solutions to make waste sorting a success.

The challenge

Together with local stakeholders, MCH will reuse and recycle even more waste

A significantly increased focus on waste sorting - both from the authorities and as part of MCH's sustainability strategy - created the need for a flexible waste solution that could be adapted to both small and large events. Before the implementation of Bica waste solutions, MCH handled the waste in individual bins set up at 'traffic hubs' in the many halls. The problem was that they were not sorted correctly and the bins did not have a very likeable look. Especially not at the large interior and design fairs. At the same time, the amounts of the different types of waste varied a lot from event to event, and this posed major challenges. They needed to rethink the process.

Affaldssortering til kontor i forbindelse med køkken

From waste to resources

We needed a total solution that could function optimally – from a large rock concert to an interior and design fair. It had to be adaptable according to the amount of waste and number of guests.

Henrik Munksgaard, Chief Operation Officer, MCH

The solution

The minimalistic and flexible waste modules can be moved around and placed according to the various arrangements

After thorough needs identification in working groups among project managers, hall managers and operating staff in MCH, they chose Bica waste sorting solutions, especially bacause of the design, functionality and flexibility. The frontdoors and lids with soft close provide the best working conditions for the hall staff, as they do not get their fingers pinched and can easily replace the bags without heavy lifting. Flexibility was created thanks to the strong magnets that can connect several waste bins together and the fitted wheels that make the solution portable. The choice fell on magnetic pictograms in English to accommodate all guests regardless of nationality.

DanskHåndbold and MCH joined forces in the fight against waste: Put your waste in its place!

In December 2023, the Women's Handball World Cup was held in Denmark, and many matches were played in the Jyske Bank Box in Herning. DanskHåndbold and MCH wanted to create a focus on waste sorting and, not least, correct sorting. This resulted in an information campaign with the message "Put your waste in its place" combined with flexible waste solutions with pictograms in English. Sorting was based on cardboard, refundable, rigid plastics, residual and food waste distributed in waste bins with a capacity of 65 and 95 litres. They used transparent waste bags to be able to check the waste afterwards for possible missorting.

MCH coorerates closely with Marius Pedersen, who is a leading environmental company within the waste and resource industry. On average, the recycling rate for the sorted waste at MCH is 40%. During the World Cup in Women's Handball, the recycling percentage reached 49%. A figure that the responsible at MCH can be satisfied with, but there is no doubt: They would like to go even higher.  

From waste to resources

It was crucial for us to involve our hall staff in the choice of waste solution. Here there was no doubt that Bica met all requirements and needs for easy and ergonomic handling.

Henrik Munksgaard, Chief Operation Officer, MCH

Affaldssortering i MCH under VM i kvindehåndbold 2023

Future expectations

MCH wants to be world champions in waste sorting

MCH works strategically with sustainable initiatives. They have a clear ambition to recycle even more of the waste that the guests leave behind in MCH. This requires that sorting is completely under control throughout the company. Over the coming period, MCH will introduce the waste solutions at even more locations and employee areas.

MCH would like for the industry to adopt general guidelines for how exhibition centres, concert arenas and similar places should sort their waste. There is no similar solution apart from the 10 fractions prescribed by law in Denmark. Here it will be advantageous for everyone in the industry to be able to benefit from each other's experience and thus create a streamlined solution for the guests that is recognizable from place to place. Here, among other things, on recycled mugs, packaging, etc.

From waste to resources

At MCH, we want to leave our mark on the entertainment and experience industry's way of sorting, handling and recycling/reuse waste. We will all be able to benefit from a more streamlined and uniformly solution and guests will have a better experience.

Henrik Munksgaard, Chief Operation Officer, MCH

Affaldssortering i MCH - her sorteres med stil

                Photographer: Casper Horsnæs Larsen

Kildesortering i Jyske Bank Boxen under VM i håndbold

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